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Some games get hyped up way to much then get out hand turning the game into something its not. Im still looking forward to Destiny 2 and i just hope it turns out to be a really great game that it was hyped out to be from the start. The story is too old to be commented.

Agree 1 Disagree 1. TheSaint d ago There also needs to be an option of NOT matchmaking, I hate being forced to play with randoms if only myself and one other friend are on. Agree 1 Disagree 0. Agree 4 Disagree 0. SuperbVillain d ago Im starting to not really like the game anymore Agree 3 Disagree 0.

SuperbVillain d ago yeah that kinda made me mad, and the 20 dollar price is BS. Im only still on the game just to get the surus regime after that ill jump off Agree 1 Disagree 0. TM d ago Ya, I'm getting burnt too. Agree 0 Disagree 0. Im still looking forward to Destiny 2 and i just hope it turns out to be a really great game that it was hyped out to be from the start Agree 0 Disagree 0. Top games Top games. Top Users Top Users. The amount of Light you need to reach a certain level is as follows:.

So, with your 60 Light gained from 4 pieces of fully upgraded Rare armor, you will be Level This means that the maximum Level you can reach without Legendary armor is Rare armor is infinitely easier to obtain than Legendary armor however, and being Level 24 will allow you to complete higher level Strikes, which award more Vanguard Reputation as well as Marks.

Therefor, once you have reached Level 20, start playing either Crucible or doing the Vanguard Playlist to acquire this gear. In my experience, it is easier to obtain Level 20 gear from the Crucible, as the Vanguard Playlist kept giving me lower level gear I wish I had known this sooner, because being unable to acquire max level Rare gear kept me at Level 21 for weeks. This playlist is only available to those who own the Dark Below. Theoretically, it does not matter, because you will need Legendary gear to level past 24 anyway.

However, being stuck at 21 keeps you from doing higher level Strikes that offer better rewards, not to mention are more fun to play. Additionally, it keeps you from doing the weekly heroic Strike on higher levels which gains you Strange Coins to buy Exotics, as well as keep you from doing the Daily on higher levels to gain more upgrade materials.

Therefor, it is important to get to Level 24 using Rare gear. When you do, you will probably be able to buy an Exotic piece of armor quicker than you can actually buy Legendary armor. Do note that it is possible and completely viable to just keep grinding Reputation discussed below and going for Legendary gear immediately. Something what you should do as soon as possible, is gaining Reputation for either the Vanguard, Crucible, both or a faction.

Pick whichever you prefer or both of course. You need to build Reputation with the Vanguard and Crucible to be allowed to buy items. Rank 1 Reputation will allow you to buy cosmetic items like emblems. Rank 2 Reputation will allow you to buy Legendary armor, while Rank 3 will allow you to buy weapons. You will come to find that it takes a long time to increase your Reputation enough to reach Rank 2. If you do have a lot of time, start doing every single bounty every day and search for Assassination missions specifically.

Weekly Heroic Strikes Destiny Matchmaking – No Interracial Dating

They give as much Rep as completing a Level 24 Strike, but obviously can be done a lot quicker. If you are a PvP guy, then get in there and start completing the bounties. Completing a match doesn't yield that much Rep unfortunately, so it's better to try and get those 15 headshots with a Sniper Rifle than just completing a bunch of matches without a bounty. You can consider joining one of the three factions by purchasing their class items and equipping them. This way, you will gain Reputation with them for doing both Vanguard and Crucible Reputation gains.

This is the smartest thing to do if you play both cooperatively as well as PvP, since all Rep goes into one instead of spreading it across two different ones. It doesn't really matter which faction you join. Gear looks different, but is mostly the same stat wise. Join the one that has the best looking gear, I would say.

There are many progress barriers in the game, but the Reputation is easily the worst one, if you ask me. You need Legendary gear to level past 24, and buying it is realistically the only means of obtaining it unless you got extremely lucky on drops.

Even a loot cave doesn't help much here. Once you are allowed to buy Legendary gear at Rank 2, you actually need the currency to buy it.

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For the Crucible it is easy: For the Vanguard there are more choices, though the most efficient is still completing public events. Green are common, yellow are uncommon and red are rare; in terms of likeliness to happen. Just be in that location and wait for the sky to get dark. Events may be delayed by 2 minutes or so or they might not happen at all. Even the green ones are possible to not happen though likely to occur. Earth is the best place to do this as events are most frequent there usually.

That said, events might be spaced far apart, in which case it is quicker to actually do Strikes. In addition, while there is a small chance you gain upgrade materials for completing an event, you are guaranteed to gain gear from doing Strikes. Therefor, both events and Strikes are decent options to gain Marks.


10 More Features Destiny Needs to Stay Fresh

Don't ever turn in materials for Marks. It is not worth it. It takes a long time before you have 50 of the same material and the amount of Marks you get for them is low. Also, you need those materials for upgrading Legendary and Exotic pieces or armor and weapons. They require 16 materials per upgrade and can be upgraded 3 times usually, for a total of 48 materials required per piece of gear. The materials requires vary between gear, but throwing 50 away on a minuscule amount of Marks is crazy considering you could have used it to upgrade a weapon or piece of armor.

It is easy to get, but takes a lot of time and it a chore. The opposite is now an option: Materials are needed to upgrade your Legendary and Exotic gear and farming them is a chore. Buying it is a great option now for veteran players, though newcomers may still want to put in time to farm since 10 Marks for 20 materials is still not that much considering you need 16 materials for one upgrade. That's roughly 30 Marks to fully upgrade a piece of gear. Those Marks are probably better spend acquiring weapons or just acquiring new armor.

Even if just to dismantle it for more Ascendant Shards. Both Crucible and Vanguard Marks are capped at per week.


Meaning you have to wait for the refresh that happens every Tuesday to have it reset to 0 allowing you to acquire another that week. A piece of armor costs 75 Marks, with head gear costing Weapons cost marks, but are usually not worth it. It is more important to increase your Light which is done by equipping Legendary gear to increase the amount of damage you do anyway, than to buy a weapon that does more base damage.

Once you have enough Legendary gear it's best to do the Raid and see if you are awarded some Legendary weapons from that without spending your valuable Marks on it.